Online world of a master florist

Design a website for master florist Menno Kroon. Custom bouquets to the rhythm of the seasons. With almost thirty years of experience at the highest level, Menno Kroon is an absolute authority in the flower trade. We developed a fantastic website, where you can see flower decorations at Herm├Ęs or in the Rijksmuseum.

Floral subscription

The fairytale world of Menno Kroon has various activities at two locations, the studio in Amsterdam and the event location in Cothen. The request was to create one rich online experience where the visitor can get to know everything. Getting the right content is a challenge with any website. To create an exciting customer journey, we came up with a new text and photography concept. Menno in the picture as a passionate craftsman and curator of unique products. Besides, we have developed an integrated webshop with unique features such as a subscription form.

State of the art

The website is an extensive palette of images where you can quickly scroll through the estate in Cothen and get acquainted with exotic flowers or order a bouquet. With the cms, the content can easily be changed and kept up-to-date in a fully responsive design.

Menno Kroon
Jacob van Rozelaar
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